Welcome to William Ellis Middle School Drama! It is a privilege to be here working with such amazing talent! Please check back on each class page to see what we are working on, classwork and homework assignments!

Email - endicottp@davie.k12.nc.us

Although you may call me at any time, email is my main form of communication through the day. If you need a response within a few hours, please send me an email as I do not always get the chance to check my voicemail throughout the day. 

 Period  1st Quarter Time:
 1st Period - 8th Musical Theatre 7:52-8:32
 2nd Period - 8th Musical Theatre 8:34-9:14
 3rd Period - 8th 8th Grade Drama 9:16-9:56
 3rd Period - 7th 7th Grade Drama 9:58-10:38
 4th Period - 7th 7th Grade Drama  10:40-11:20
 5th Period - 7th Planning 11:22-12:02
 5th Period - 6th 6th Grade Drama 12:26-1:06
 6th Period - 6th Planning 1:08-1:48
 7th Period - 6th 6th Grade Drama 1:50-2:30


***Currently, Ms. Endicott is at North Davie Middle School and will return to William Ellis Middle School in January 2019. However, please feel free to contact me via email at any time!***

All students MUST bring paper and pencil to class! 

Our 8th Grade Musical this fall will be -

Musical Dates: 
In School Performances: To Be Announced
Public Performances: December 7 & 8, 2017 @ 7PM