Welcome to William Ellis Middle School Drama! It is a privilege to be here working with such amazing talent! Please check back on each class page to see what we are working on, classwork and homework assignments!

Email - endicottp@davie.k12.nc.us

Although you may call me at any time, email is my main form of communication through the day. If you need a response within a few hours, please send me an email as I do not always get the chance to check my voicemail throughout the day. 

Goal for Ms. Endicott's Drama Class:
“Provide students with a safe environment in which they can make discoveries about their abilities as young actors. Students will be encouraged to step outside their comfort zone, take risks, apply the techniques they have learned in class to their own acting, and continuously show respect to themselves, their peers, and to the dramatic arts.”

 Period  1st Quarter Time:
 1st Period - 8th Musical Theatre 7:52-8:32
 2nd Period - 8th Musical Theatre 8:34-9:14
 3rd Period - 8th 8th Grade Drama 9:16-9:56
 3rd Period - 7th 7th Grade Drama 9:58-10:38
 4th Period - 7th 7th Grade Drama  10:40-11:20
 5th Period - 7th Planning 11:22-12:02
 5th Period - 6th 6th Grade Drama 12:26-1:06
 6th Period - 6th Planning 1:08-1:48
 7th Period - 6th 6th Grade Drama 1:50-2:30


***Currently, Ms. Endicott is at North Davie Middle School and will return to William Ellis Middle School in January 2019. However, please feel free to contact me via email at any time!***

All students MUST bring paper and pencil to class! 

Our 8th Grade Musical this fall will be -

Musical Dates: 
In School Performances: To Be Announced
Public Performances: December 7 & 8, 2017 @ 7PM