Welcome to TED (Technology, Engineering & Design)

What gets students excited about learning? Interactive multimedia integrated with hands-on projects! 

Why Action LABS?

  • Engages students with open-ended problem solving.
  • Provides customizable high-energy interactive multimedia.
  • Aligns technology education content to national STEM standards.
  • Emphasizes skills and behaviors endorsed by the National Middle School Association such as confidence, responsibility, and collaboration.
  • Integrates grade-level skills in math, science, reading, and language arts.
  • Includes dynamic projects with different levels of hands-on challenges.
  • Incorporates Global diversities.

Here at Ellis, we are also integrating critical research, writing and design as an additional component to the activities, along with Rocketry and Lego Mindstorm Robotics..

Students explore subsystems that are combined in the complex systems we encounter every day. When students complete the program, they have a broad understanding of how things work and why they work.  This subject matter is so vital and relevant in today’s working world.  Students experiment with a wide range of 21st century future job outlooks.


 Period          Class
 1st Period
 2nd Period
 3rd Period
 4th Period
 5th Period
 6th Period
 7th Period

These classes are a precursor to the High School CTE and STEM programs....