Curriculum Night 
Thursday, Sept. 28  (6 - 7:15 pm)

School Hours
Students may enter building at 7:50
Tardy Bell rings at 8:10
Dismissal - K-2 at 2:45, 3-5 at 2:50

Kindergarten Lunch Schedule
 Teacher  Time 
 Altieri    12:08
 Bandy 12:11
Godbey 12:14
Richardson 12:17

  • Identify the job of author and


  • Identify title page

  • Point to the first and last part of a sentence

  • Point to the first and last letter in a word

  • Identify period and its purpose (to show the end of a sentence)

  • Point to a letter

  • Point to a word

  • Find popcorn (sight) words

  • Ask your child the first sound they hear in words (cat - /c/)

  • Begin stretching out the sounds in simple words (dog - /d/ /o/ /g/)

  • Have your child retell the story from beginning to end

  • Practicing counting to 100

Math Skills

Language Arts