School Hours
Students may enter building at 7:50
Tardy Bell rings at 8:10
Dismissal - K-2 at 2:45, 3-5 at 2:50

Kindergarten Lunch Schedule
 Teacher  Time 
 Altieri    12:08
 Bandy 12:11
Godbey 12:14
Richardson 12:17

  • Read everyday. 

  • Play rhyming games. 

  • Practice reading popcorn words.

  • Practice stretching out and spelling simple words (pot, sag, clap, shut.)

  • Write sentences using a capital letter at the beginning, spaces between words, and punctuation at the end. 

  • Practicing counting to 80 by 1's and 10's.

3rd Quarter Math Skills

Count to 80

Count to 80 beginning at any number

ID and write numbers to 20

Place value - Numbers 11-20

Add and subtract to 10

Add and Subtract word problems within 10

 Identify, compare, and build 3D shapes 

3rd Quarter Language Arts

Generate rhyming words
Read and spell cvc words 
Use a combination of drawing and writing to compose a piece of writing 
Read emergent readers