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Rule #1
'Respect yourself, as you exercise your 

*You May Bring a sketchbook 
and a pencil To class...

A Sweet Note For Ms. Roberts:

8th Grade:
1st Elective 7:45-8:25
2nd Elective 8:27 - 9:07
3rd Elective 9:09 - 9:49

6th Grade:
1st Elective 9:49 - 10:29
2nd Elective 10:31 - 11:11
3rd Elective 11:13 - 11:53

7th Grade:
1st Elective 12:22 - 1:02
2nd Elective 1:04 - 1:44
3rd Elective 1:46 - 2:26

Paw Pride 2:29 - 3:00

In our global world, innovative thinking and creativity are essential for all children.  high quality instruction in the arts develops skills and effectively engages and prepares students for their future.  Dance, music, visual arts and theater are critical for each child's education.  

*please view more important information about 'The Arts' in davie county on our davie county schools arts webpage.  

2018 Koi Drawings...

Fabulous Portfolio Designs~

2017~2018 Peace Posters:
Whitney's Masterpiece~

Rey's Masterpiece~

Skylette's Masterpiece~

The Ceramic Process:

Ceramic Glazes~

The Kiln Is Loaded~

Doodle for google designs:

december 2015

'what makes me...me!'

sammi's Doodle

trevor's doodle

kaitlyn's doodle

2014 ~ 2015 

Art Department Memories:

Maggie Junker's Mandala

Noah Smith's Koi Pastel 

Shadow Theater spring 2015:

Koi Fish Study:

Holiday Gift Boxes...  

Morgan's Gift Box Design...
Holiday Project December 2014.

Alyssa's Gift Box Design...

Belle's Owl Study 2014 ~ 2015...
  6th Grade~

Kyle's Bike Study...   2014 ~ 2015
7th Grade~

8th Grade Peace Poster Illustrations! 
2014 ~ 2015

These three artists represented
 south davie at our local mocksville lion's club.  great job!

andrew lawrence

jacob juarez

milly granadero


skylar Grubb
chinese Brush painting...

September 2014 Artworks:
6th Grade Mandalas~

Lenny and Winn Working Hard...

Kaylee's mandala Masterpiece in progress...

kaylee's finished mandala masterpiece!

Creative Memories 
School Year...

Pictures from our 
Art awards celebration 
at the brock 

feb. 2014
connor and his awesome mom!
congratulations ashton!!! 
1st place color pencil category  
congratulations emily!!! 
3rd place pastel drawing category~
thanks to the mocksville woman's club 
for hosting this special experience!
6th garde grand canyon painting~

thank you, mrs. frye, for teaching us how to make these awesome bags!


Briannah Freyer
sdms graduate
briannah freyer
portrait study

Hannah etter/ sdms graduate- 
world peace poster illustration. 

                   Be Inspired...
Emily and Addie Enjoying Creativity!

Kam Parks
kam parks- 
8th grade 
tiger illustration

shoe designs: 8th grade graduates

de'maura isaac's shoe design

avery boudreau and michelle werbeck's 
shoe design

sdms graduates
ben carter and chase johnson's 
shoe design

sdms graduates 
addie thomas and aubrey mcardell's 
shoe design

hannah etter~ 
8th grade 
still life study/pastels

sdms graduate
mekenna boswell 
world peace poster

victoria bailey 
portrait drawing
 Creative Memories 
2012-2013 School Year...
sdms graduate 
elvia lascano's 
pastel drawing/ 1st place

~students display for culture night

sdms graduate
john meadows 
pastel jellyfish

sdms graduate
brooke summers 
2nd place pen and ink identity drawing

Happy Holidays!
Mia's Wonderful 2018 Drawing!

Creative memories...

2018 Arts In Education Week:
September 9 ~ 15th

Arts Smart Festival 2018:

SDMS Art Trading Cards:

Sumi Painting 2018

Imagine Peace! 
 Congratulations Esmeralda!!!
Davie County Peace Poster Winner 
2016 ~ 2017

happy holidays!
congratulations, victoria!!!
2015 Sdms holiday drawing winner!

zavion's holiday drawing

cheyenne's holiday drawing

8th Grade Artist~~~Melanie Benitez!!!
The mocksville lion's club chose melanie's peace poster drawing to represent davie county schools at the next level of their international organization's world peace poster contest.  this visual art project is completed by thousands of young artists all over the world.  all of our sdms 8th grade artists did a wonderful job on this project.  the mocksville lion's club visited melanie and her family to announce the big news.  great job, melanie!!!  a special thanks to the mocksville lion's club for their abundant and dedicated efforts to help the children in our community.  Thanks!

Melanie's Peace Poster 2015:

Other amazing SDMS Peace Poster Designs:

Victoria Bailey's Peace Poster~

Skylar Grubb's Peace Poster~

Mollie Russell's Peace Poster~

Adam Gledhill's Peace Poster~

Emma Absher's Peace Poster~

Portfolio Designs/August 2015+

Trevor's Portfolio Design...

Gaige's Portfolio Design... 

Fernando's Portfolio Design...

T-Shirt designs/8th grade

~1st quarter 8th grade students are addressing important cultural issues that are of concern around the world... They will collectively vote on a design that will be printed onto a t-shirt that the artists will wear.:

Victoria and Logan's design

keegan and bryan's design

Mackenzie and mystikal's design

eduardo's design

tori's design 

Central America Studies:
Evan's AMate Bark Painting...

2014 ~ 2015 
Art Department Memories:

8th Grade Ceiling Tiles!

Our Spring Fling 2015 was fun!
Ms. Roberts is Painting.

sdms graduates!
Best wishes @ Dhs...

May 9, 2015 
@ Davie High school
annual 'Ashley for the arts' festival 
1 pm ~ 5 pm (Free admission)
students performed and exhibited art 
concessions and local artists

Our 6th ~ 8th grade students presented information to our community about mandalas.  they discussed the cultural significance of the mandala and the ways in which people collectively create these beautiful works in an effort to benefit one's self and others.  guests at the festival had an opportunity to participate in a community mandala.  in the similar respect that these wonderful creations are manifested in the eastern world, we asked our festival guests to think of a positive intention and hopeful wishes as they worked on the mandala.  there were several mandalas created with sand.  the mandala is very reflective of a woven tapestry.  the vivid colors and patterns are 'woven' into the design by each individual participating.  each mandala reflected our unified efforts to contribute to a creative and enriching artistic experience.  

Mandala Class Study.

Mandala Study Spring 2015.

Class Discussion 2014 - 2015.

we'll miss you, amy! 
best wishes at the high school~

emily lynch's koi fish~
2014 ~2015
 8th Grade

2014 ~ 2015
8th Grade Portrait Study:

Maggie's Portrait Drawing

Maggie's Portrait Drawing

Litzy's Portrait Drawing

litzy's Portrait Drawing

Hi... milly!

Congratulations Jacob Juarez!  
December 2014
South Davie Christmas Card Winner!

Andrew Took drawing lessons during his adventure to Disney world recently...  thanks for sharing your drawings with us andrew!
8th Grade Pottery
 Autumn Season 2014

Hand Building...   Coil Pottery.

8th Grade koi Fish~   Lauren Atkins

Inspirational Photography:

Master Artist:  
James Rosenquist
'Miles 1975.'

Sdms artist's exhibit 
central office 2014

martin baker
sdms graduate- 8th grade 
tiger illustration
destiny mayfield~ 
7th grade portrait

maggie goad 
sdms graduate~ 
8th grade 
cherry blossom painting

sdms graduate
curtis cray's jungle drawing

sdms graduate 
addie thomas 
world peace poster

south davie 
'thank you' card illustration
8th Grade Artist Hannah Etter
~Hannah Etter- SDMS Graduate

sdms graduate 
ashton chaffin 
tiger illustration

Autumn 2013 School Display

Briannah Freyer
sdms graduate
briannah freyer  
world peace poster

SDMS Artists in the spotlight 
2014 ~ 2015

7th grade artist 
kaitlyn roscoe!!! congratulations!

Inspiring Quotes...

The Arts are fundamental to the healthy development of our minds and spirits.

~National Standards for Arts Education



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