The goals of Family and Consumer Science education are to prepare students for family life, work life, and careers, by providing opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors needed for strengthening the well-being of individuals and families. 

A copy of the parent letter can be found here!

6th Grade
Personal Finance and Resource Management

-Understand personal financial literacy.
-Understand resource management
-EverFi’s Vault™ Financial Literacy Certification

Food Basics and Hospitality 
-Understand the basics of food safety and sanitation. 
-Understand culinary and hospitality basics. 

  (students may choose to bring their own ear buds)

7th Grade
Nutrition and Wellness
-The science of Essential Nutrients
-Understand kitchen basics.
-Understand nutritious meal planning and preparation. 

8th Grade
Early Care and Education
-Understand how to care for infants, toddlers and school-age children.
-American Red Cross® Babysitter’s Training
-Understand the business of childcare.
-Understand the ages, stages and milestones of infants, toddlers and school-age children.
-Understand how to effectively and safely care for infants, toddlers and school-age children.

Sewing and Apparel
-Understand the basic elements of design.
-Understand the impact of function and marketing on clothing choices.
-Understand basic construction techniques of Hand and Machine Sewing
(Students will need $15 to cover the cost of sewing supplies for their personal sewing projects:  a pillow and string back-sack) 

Interior Design 
-Understanding the basic principals of design.
-Understand sustainable design. 
-Understand how to manage a living space.

Interpersonal Relationships
-Communication and Self Awareness
-Decision Making and Conflict Resolution


  • Weekly 21st Century Skills Assessment: Count Once
  • Homework and Pop-Quizzes:  Count Once
  • Quizzes: Count Twice
  • Major Tests/Projects:  3 times
  • Any late work is half credit

Class Rule:  RESPECT