Hi ,
My name is Amy Vaughan-Jones, and I am the Behavior Specialist  for  Mocksville and William R Davie Elementary Schools.  I enjoy working with elementary children who  have challenging behavior to find interventions to help them become more successful in the classroom.  I believe in Positive Intervention Behavior and Support and hold strongly to the belief that all children can learn to make positive choices.  Often behavior difficulties can be very stressful for parents and staff but if we approach it as we do for a child who is struggling to read as a child who is struggling to behave, we can often be very successful in making positive changes. Remember that all  behavior serves a purpose and learning what that purpose is helps us drive the type of intervention that a child needs to be more successful.

 Many schools in North Carolina are currently using PBIS, both Mocksville and William R Davie are PBIS schools, offering positive behavioral interventions to try to prevent challenging behavior. 

 I am part of the school's exceptional children's department and currently licensed to work as an exceptional children's teacher with children k-12 general curriculum as well as those with behavioral disorders. I completed my undergraduate degrees from UNC-Chapel Hill and my Masters in Education from UNC-Greensboro.


We are on the last 9 weeks of this school year and this is the time of the year when many of our kids are on edge and can be short tempered due to the many expectations that happen near the end of the school year.  Encourage them to rest, and eat right and talk to them about how they are feeling.  Try to offer a time daily for your child to have some unstructured play time, hopefully outside where they can enjoy riding a bike, or playing on a swing or building things in a sandbox ( a place to just unwind and relax).  Kids need calming activities  to decompress and lessen stress just as adults do and for those kids who have test anxiety, it can be a very anxious time of the year for them. 

Remember to be a positive role model for your children, they learn from watching the many things that we do as parents. Role modeling is a very powerful teaching tool and one that is often forgotten by many.   



Please remember that all behavior serves a purpose!