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3rd Quarter Expectations

Reading/Language Arts:
  • Recognizes and names upper and lower cases letters covered 
  • Produces letter sounds for letters covered 
  • Ask and answer questions about key details in books
  • Identify main topic in stories
  • Retell key details in stories
  • Identify characters, setting and major events
  • Decode C/V/C word (Word Families)
  • Spell simple words phonetically
  • Master Kindergarten Sight Word List
  • Writes upper and lower case letters covered 
  • Writes first and last name correctly
  • Count to 100

  • Count to 100 beginning at any number

  • Count to tell the number of objects (1-20)

  • Recognize numbers from 0-20 in random order

  • Compare groups of objects and tell if they are greater than, less than, or equal to

  • Addition and Subtraction within 10

  • Identify 3D shapes (cube, cylinder, cone, sphere)

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