Welcome to Math   You will need to pay attention and take notes in class, do your  homework regularly and completely, study for quizzes and tests, and attend ASAP immediately if you start to get behind. 

Mathematics is the language spoken by nature, science, engineering, and business.  One cannot truly understand and describe how the world works without an understanding of math.  I am particularly interested and obsessed with mathematics as it applies to the design, analysis, construction, testing, and flight of airplanes and space vehicles.  Throughout the semester we will talk about the various real-world applications of the material we cover. 

Class Schedule:
1st Period:      Coffee (Low-Acid Decaf)
2nd Period:     Advanced Functions & Modeling
3rd Period:      Math 3 (Honors/Stem)
4th Period:      Math 3 (Honors)

 ASAP Times
If it is not raining:
Monday:         (Smart Lunch B)
Wednesday:    (Smart Lunch A)
Friday:            (Smart Lunch B)

If it is raining:
Last Period of the Day?