My name is Andrew Nicholson and I am excited to have to opportunity to teach your student mathematics at Davie County High.
Test/Quiz Corrections:
If students are unhappy with their grade on a test or quiz, they may come in for test corrections. Here are the stipulations:
  • Student must have completed every homework that pertains to the test (basically a weeks worth).
  • Students must come in during my ASAP hours so that I may check to see they understand the problems.
  • Students will be given half (Honors not applicable) of the possible points back, if and only if, they have corrected all problems.
All students need to bring these required materials for class the first or second day:
  • Two pencils to leave in the classroom
  • Pens
  • 1 binder ONLY for my class
  • Paper for the binder
  • Dividers for binder
  • Calculator (available for rent)
Please visit your course site to the left and register for reminders about test, homework, or projects. Parents are also encouraged to join to "help" students succeed in this course.
Class Schedule

 Block Class
 1st NC Math I 
 2nd NC Math I 
 4thNC Math I

Spirit Week


Grading Scale

  A 100 - 90 
 B89 - 80 
 C79 - 70 
 D69 - 60
 F59 - Below