English @ Davie: Room 5441

ome to 2018 Fall Semester!

Reading, writing, speaking, listening...
We travel the world through literature's portals:
Western Europe (IV), United States (III), and World (II).
Art, music, history, and current events broaden the experience.

                    Fall 2018                     Supplies for all classes:
                                               1st Period: Planning                                       Blue or black pens, highlighters
                                               2nd Period: English IV                                    Composition or spiral notebook, binder
                                               3rd Period: English IV STEM                           Loose leaf paper, college ruled preferred
                                               4th Period: English III H                                 Sticky notes for annotations
Students and Parents:
While bottled water is encouraged, no foods or other drinks are permitted in this classroom,
nor is this classroom available for student lunches during any SMART Session.

Announcements for English III Honors @ 4th Period:
  • Adventures of Huckleberry Finn essay assessment moved to Friday 5 October!
  • Quilt square project due Tuesday 2 October (includes graphed plan of the block, name of block, and    symbolism of colors used). As a reminder, the quilt square should demonstrate the unique one of a kind nature of the student creator; when assembled, the quilt should demonstrate the unity of the class. Literary connection: "My Mother Pieced Quilts" by Teresa Palomo Acosta

Weekly SMART Sessions:
SMART is an academic enrichment program that allows students time during the school 
day to receive extra assistance, complete make-ups, or work on additional assignments. 
    B Block   Fridays
    A Block  Tuesdays
    A or B Block Wednesdays

Recurring Assignments
Vocabulary Quiz each Thursday
Quotes Journal each Friday
Essay Assessment first Tuesdays

Upcoming: Research Unit for English III Students: 1st Quarter (F) and 3rd Quarter (S)
Topic selection (student choice from teacher list)                             
Works Cited page in MLA8 format                      
Note cards with citations (30 - 50 facts)                  
Outline in MLA8 format                                 
Rough Draft in MLA8 format (body paragraphs only)       
Final Draft in MLA8 format