...to Ms.Duggins' class site.  I am in my 10th year of teaching and in my 7th year at Davie High School.  I have primarily taught Civics and Economics during my teaching career, both at the regular and honors levels.  Civics and Economics is an important and vital course for students to take, not only as a state requirement for graduation, but also in the fact that this course will teach prepare students for real life.  It will teach them the fundamentals of the government, rights and responsibilities they will have as an American citizen, how they can and will impact the economy, and the fundamentals of personal finance. 

Class Schedule

 Period  Class
 1st  Planning
 2nd  Civics and Economics
 3rd  Civics and Economics Honors
 4th Civics and Economics

Benchmark test dates:

Benchmark I - Friday, February 17
Benchmark II - Friday, March 16
    makeup/retest dates Monday, March 19-Friday, March 23
Benchmark III - Friday, April 27
    makeup/test dates Monday April 30-Friday, May 4
Benchmark IV - Friday, May 18
    makeup/retest dates Monday, May 21-Friday, May 25

Benchmark note cards are required to be completed and turned in at various times throughout the semester as a quiz grade.  Listed below is the due dates for those benchmark cards:

Executive branch #s 104-123  due Monday, March 5
Judicial branch #s 124-134 due Friday, March 9
Criminal and Civil Cases #s 135-167 due Tuesday, March 20

ASAP Hours

Monday afternoons 3:30-4:15
Tuesday afternoons 3:30-4:15
However, I am available almost every afternoon, so if these hours are not convenient, I will be available at other times.

Main Calendar