At a Glance--Understanding Driver Education

Please be sure to click the links to each of the following pages for in-depth information.  This At-A-Glance page is supposed to be a guideline/quick overview.
(Step 1) Enrollment  must occur during the first two weeks of school - Crucial ! 
You must complete an enrollment form the first week of school in Room 5545 or Room 5408.  Submit this form to either of these 2 classrooms as soon as you can.  The absolute deadline this year is Friday, September 8.  Early College students should see Lori Wyrick for an enrollment form and turn it in to her also.  Non-Davie students must contact Mr. Mitchell by email to enroll.
 After you enroll, the DE staff will CONTACT YOU; you do not need to take any further action before that contact. If you want to know which class you are in, check the rosters posted outside Room 5545 and Room 5408 and in the cafeteria area.   This year the class lists will be posted by Monday, September 11.

(Step 2) Parent Meeting   - After you are assigned to a class based on your birthday, you WILL be contacted with the date of your Parent Meeting.  Attendance by the student and parent is mandatory.
(Step 3) On-line Class  - All class instruction is completely on-line and accessible from your home computer or a Davie High lab computer.  Expect 15 days of on-line instruction.  All class rosters will be posted outside Room 5545 and Room 5408.

(Step 4) Final Exam  -- A 100-question, multiple-choice exam wraps up the in-class portion of DE.  It is administered at Davie High (dates on the calendar page and on the Home page). 


(Step 5) In-Car Instruction  -- Only after successful completion of ALL assignments with an OVERALL grade of at least 70, students are assigned to one of 8 individual instructors based on date of birth.