Welcome to Ms. Brandon's classes!  I am so excited to have you all this semester!!  I believe with the right attitude and work ethic all students can succeed in my class.  Along the left of the website each class has its own page which includes
 a calendar of topics discussed in class by day, major assignment dates, and individualized class announcements.  This is a great tool for students to plan ahead and to catch up when absent!  To the right of this welcome note are major announcements that apply to all students in my classes and my SMART lunch schedule! 

Class Schedule

 Period Class
 1stHonors STEM Chemistry 
 2nd        Planning 
 3rdHonors Inorganic Chemistry 
 4th        Honors STEM Chemistry 


SMART Lunch Schedule 
Tuesday -- B Tutorial 
Thursday -- A and B Tutorial 
Friday -- A Tutorial 
**Other times can be provided by request!! 

To better help all students, please let me know if you will be staying after school to review a specific topic, so that I can be prepared in the best way possible.