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Play Together. Learn Together. Grow Together.

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     Every day in Pre-K, we are able to open a new window of learning to a child.  We watch our student’s excitement, their hunger to discover new things, and their anticipation as we explore new learning adventures together. A person learns more in the first five years of their lives than at any other time!  Everyday we watch our student’s grow and we grow with them.  There is no higher benefit than knowing; in our program, we are the ones who are building the foundation to help encourage children to love learning for the rest of their lives!

“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So get on your way!”  Dr. Seuss



**Kindergarten Registration is March 28th, 2017 from 6-7 pm.  This is happening at Davie County 

elementary schools. 

 If your child’s home school is not CZE then you MUST register them at their home school. 

You will be asked to sign up for a screening time also on this night.  You do not need to sign up for a 

screening time.  All preschool students will be screened in our classroom!**

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The NC Pre-kindergarten program is designed to prepare four-year-olds in North Carolina for success in school. Children attend a full 6 to 6.5 hour school-day, full school-year program that meets high quality state standards. Each Davie County Schools Preschool site offers NC Pre-K funded slots for children. To apply for this FREE program, contact Central Davie. 

Davie County Schools Preschool Program

220 Campbell Road

Mocksville, NC 27028 

Phone: (336) 751-0016

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