Elementary Battle of the Books 2017-2018

Fourth and fifth grade students at Coolemee Elementary School are invited to participate in the Elementary Battle of the Books (EBOB). EBOB is designed to encourage reading by all students regardless of ability.  EBOB exposes students to quality literature.  Students’ participation is voluntary but to qualify for the EBOB team, students must read 8 of the 12 EBOB titles and get 80% on each quiz for each book that they read by the end of February 2018.  The students interested in participating will attend meetings during their lunch period where quizzes will be taken, books checked out, progress monitored and books discussed.  These meetings will occur only once a month beginning in December for students who have read at least 4 books and passed 4 quizzes.   In February we will start meeting once per week.  We will meet every day two weeks before the competition to practice.  The county wide competition which has not been scheduled yet but will take place at Davie High School.  After the competition we will schedule a celebratory lunch in the Cooleemee Media Center.

The EBOB titles selected for 2017-2018 are listed below.  Some of these titles may be read with their classroom teacher.  These books are available for check out in our school library.  Students interested in participating will receive a bookmark of the titles and an EBOB informational flyer.  View this for more information.

                  Davie County Schools

          Elementary Battle of the Books




Extra Credit

Andrew Clements

Soft Rain

Cornelia Cornelissen

Kenny and the Dragon

Tony DiTerlizzi

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library

Chris Grabenstein

Among the Hidden

Margaret Peterson Haddux

Turtle in Paradise

Jennifer L. Holm


Joyce Moyer Hostetter


Gary Paulsen


Cynthia Lord


Sara Pennypacker

The Hero Two Doors Down

Sharon Robinson

Walls Within Walls

Maureen Sherry