Welcome to Kindergarten and Cooleemee School Where Everyday Your Child Has a Chance to Shine!
School Hours
Students may enter building at 7:50
Tardy Bell rings at 8:10
Dismissal begins - 2:45

Kindergarten Lunch Schedule
Ms. Clark 11:55-12:25
 Ms. Hendrix 12:00-12:30
 Ms. Johnson 12:00-12:30
 Ms. Sain 12:05-12:35

The ABCs of Kindergarten 


(Just About Everything You’ll Need to Know!)


A is for Arrival and Attendance

  • Arrival/Dismissal: Students may start arriving at 7:45am, and the tardy bell rings at 8:10. Students arriving after 8:10 should be signed in at the office by the adult dropping him/her off.  Students are dismissed starting at 2:50pm.  Please see the office if you haven’t received information regarding your child’s bus number and bus route. 

  • Please send a note if your child will be leaving early so we may have his/her things packed and ready to go.  Thanks! 

  • You must call the office or send a written note to school if you change your child’s transportation after school.

  • A note is also needed to excuse your child’s absence from school.

B is for Book bags, Birthdays and Breakfast

  • Book bags: Your child will need to bring a backpack to school every day. No rolling backpacks please.

  • Birthday treats: Birthdays are a special time, and are treated as such in our room! You may send in a store-bought treat, such as mini cupcakes, for each child to eat at snack if you wish.  We can only pass out birthday party invitations if the entire class is invited. 

  • Breakfast: Please, please make sure your child eats breakfast before arriving at school!  Eating breakfast every morning helps your prepares your child’s brain and body to learn.  If your child plans on eating breakfast at school, please make sure he/she arrives early enough to go through the line and eat before the tardy bell rings at 8:10. It's FREE!

 C is for Communication, Conferences and Change of Clothes

  • Communication: We strongly believe that educating your child is a team effort! We work hard to communicate with you through newsletters, emails, phone calls, notes home, and more.  If you ever have any questions or concerns, please let us know!

  • Conferences: Conferences are scheduled in the fall and as needed through the year.  Additional information will be sent home closer to conference time.  If you wish to schedule a conference at any time, please contact your child’s teacher with dates and times that you are available. We look forward to discussing your child’s amazing progress with you throughout the year!

  • Change of clothes – Each child should have a full change of clothes (including socks and underwear) at school in case of accidents. These clothes should be in a large zip-lock bag labeled with your child’s name.


D is for Discipline and Dress Code

  • Discipline: We consider our classroom to be a community of learners. Every effort is made to ensure that your child will feel comfortable and confident in kindergarten. We use the positive behavior approach to classroom discipline: we focus on the things students are doing right, not what they’re doing wrong. You’ll hear things like, “Please use walking feet” instead of “Stop running!” You’ll see things like students being praised frequently for making good choices and following our clearly defined expectations. We’ve found this makes our students happier and ready to take risks in learning. If there ever comes a time where your child is still struggling to make good choices on his/her own, we will notify you and schedule a time to discuss how to meet your child’s needs in the classroom. 

  • Dress Code: We will follow the Davie County Schools dress code. Flip flops and sandals are discouraged for safety reasons on the playground.  Tennis shoes are required for PE every day.

 E is for Expectations

  • All Kindergarten students in Davie County are held to the same expectations. If you have any questions regarding our curriculum goals, please feel free to look at the Common Core State Standards.


F is for Folders

  • Each child receives a plastic folder at the beginning of the year. This folder is the number one way that we communicate with each other. Please check you child’s folder every day, empty it, and make sure that it is in your child’s book bag each evening.  

G is for Grading

  • Davie County Schools use a Standards-Based grading system. All students receive a grade of 1, 2, 3, or 4 in all core subjects. A 4 means the child exceeded our expectations, a 3 means they’ve met our expectations, a 2 means they need support to meet grade level expectations, and a 1 means they are not meeting expectations, even with support.


H is for Homework

  • Your child’s homework in Kindergarten is to read to or with and adult for at least 10 minutes every night. Once the year is underway we will begin Guided Reading and students will take home books to read that we’ve practiced in class. Math homework and letter/phonics practice will also go home each night.


I is for Independence and Illness

  • Independence - Our goal is to help your children become responsible for his/her own choices, actions, belongings, and learning.  As such, we will encourage and teach your children to unpack their own book bags, get their morning work started, clean up materials, etc.  You can help us teach your child how to be confident and independent by encouraging him/her to walk to class independently after the first day of school.  We begin our instruction once your child enters our classroom, and we want to begin on a positive note.  Children often become more emotional when mom/dad is standing at the door.  Staff members are on the lookout for our little friends and will offer a friendly hand to help guide them to their kindergarten if they need it. Thank you for helping us teach this valuable life skill!

  • Illness – Children must be fever free, virus free, diarrhea free for 24 hours without medication before returning to school. You must send a note from home or from the doctor in order for your child’s absence to be excused.


J is for Jump! Wiggle! and Dance!

  • Movement activities are built into the kindergarten day. Not only does this help get the wiggles out, but it also helps us learn basic concepts like counting to 100, number recognition, letter sounds and sight words!


K is for Kid-friendly

  • Our lessons are designed to meet our Kindergartners’ unique developmental needs. Concepts are taught using a variety of methods, including the use of technology, manipulatives, movement, modeling, and small-group work. Every child can and will learn and grow this year!


L is for Lunch and Lunch Bunch

  • Lunch- Check with your child’s teacher about lunch times. For the first three weeks of school, we ask that you not eat lunch with your child because we are still working on school routines and helping children with homesickness.

  • Lunch Bunch - If your child is bringing lunch from home, please include items that he/she can open independently.  


M is for Money and Medication

  • Money: If you send money to school for any reason, please place it in your child’s homework folder labeled with his/her name and what it’s for.

  • Medication – If your child needs to be given medication at school, you must have a green form signed by you and the doctor allowing the school to dispense medicine. These medication forms are in the office.  Children who have serious medical conditions (severe allergies, asthma, etc.) must have a health plan at school. The school health nurse will work with your family and doctor to make sure that appropriate plans are in place.


N is for Newsletters

  • Our class newsletter will go home in your child’s folder each week. Our newsletters contain important information like our current learning objectives, upcoming events, reminders, and more. Please read the newsletter each week and let us know is you have any questions about it.  


O is for Outside Time

  • Kindergarten classes go outside after lunch every day, weather permitting.  Please remember to dress your child for the hot or cold weather each day and encourage them to wear running and climbing shoes!


P is for PTA

  • We have an amazing PTA! Please consider joining the PTA, volunteering with other parents, and supporting their fundraisers because they provide many fun activities for our families. They also raise money to buy important things that our children need in school.



Q is for Quiet Time

  • Our Kindergartners will enjoy a relaxing Quiet Time each afternoon at the beginning of school. Students rest, read books or listen to music during this time. Our students are asked to bring a mat or towel to rest on.  Please do not send huge beach towels as these don’t fit well in our cubbies or on our floors.


R is for Report Cards

  • Kindergarteners receive report cards 4 times per year, at the end of each 9-week quarter.  If we have any concerns regarding your child’s progress, we will be sure to contact you immediately and request a conference. 


S is for Snack Time

  • We will have snack time each day. Please send in a box of graham crackers or cheese crackers/goldfish to share with the class. The cafeteria also provides fresh fruits and vegetables to all our children three times a week.


T is for Transportation

  • It is very important that we know how your child will be going home every afternoon.  You should have completed the Transportation sheet at our Kindergarten orientation.  If you haven’t told us how your child is getting home each day, please do so ASAP.

  • Transportation changes: All transportation changes should be in writing or called in to the office by 2:00 pm.  We cannot accept a student’s word in regards to changes.  

  • If another child is going home as a car rider with your child OR if your child is riding home in as a car rider with someone else, both children need notes regarding this change.  These notes are sent to the office in the morning and signed off on by the office staff.


U is for Unique

  • Every child has a unique background and needs. While we try our best to meet each child’s needs, please inform us if anything comes up at home that may impact your child’s performance at school (loss of a pet or family member, irregular sleeping habits, an impending move/divorce/etc.)


V is for Volunteers

  • WE LOVE OUR VOLUNTEERS!!!  We love to have parents and grandparents come in for family evening programs and special events during the school day. 


W is for our Website

  • Our school website is a valuable resource that includes information about grade levels, curriculum, special activities, and more.  It can be accessed through at www.davie.k12.nc.us/schools/cooleemee


X is for eXcitement!

Kindergarten is such an exciting time! We truly believe that every child is going to have a wonderful year!  We have so much fun exploring and learning together! We can’t wait to see how much our students will grow and change this year!


Y is for You

  • You: You were your child’s first teacher, showing them the ways of the world from the very beginning. You still play the most important role in his/her education today! Your support, dedication, understanding, and flexibility will truly make this year one full of memories and accomplishments. Thanks for all you do to help your child learn and grow and for allowing us teachers to work with your child!


Z is for Zzzzzzzz

Zzzzz: Please make sure your child gets plenty of sleep every night. Setting a regular bedtime and waking up at the same time every day will help your child adjust to his/her new school/learning schedule.  Five and six year old children should have 10-12 hours of sleep every night. This is the time when their young brain are processing all that they learn during the day. A well-rested child is also more focused and ready to learn!

September 3rd: Happy Labor Day!
September 17-21: Book Fair in the Media Center
September 18-20: Grandparents Days at CES