Design Thinking is a mindset and methodology that centers around problem solving. Using Design Thinking in education creates curriculum that focuses on students going through a process to inquire, brainstorm, and create solutions to real interdisciplinary problems.

Design Challenge

During our "conversation", we asked the question:

            How can we improve the way our students learn?

The groups were to focus on one of the following areas:
> Curriculum
> Learning Spaces
> Community (groups did not report their findings)

To learn more about Design Thinking, please visit the sites listed below.

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  9. Project Interaction
  1. David Kelley on Creative Confidence
    David Kelley, Founder of IDEO and co-founder of the, talks about creative confidence and learning
  2. Design for Learning
    A video from the Standford on how design connects to the learning process
  3. Shaping Space
    A tour of the Stanford