Grace for Goodwill

posted Jan 26, 2012, 10:31 AM by Caren Meerman
Store Volunteer: We always have opportunities at our various retail locations, sorting donations and keeping things organized on the floor.  
Our recycling center in Grandville could use volunteers interested in identifying commodity types and taking apart goods and separating them 
(for example, metals are separated and sold by the ounce on the commodities market).  Additionally, we have opportunities in our programs. 

Clothing Volunteer: We have volunteer opportunities for those seeking to work directly with our program participants in our clothing room at our 
455 Grand Avenue location.  This would involve helping participants select clothing that fits and is professional (many do not know what it 
means to dress professionally).  

Mock Interview Facilitator: Another opportunity we have is a mock interview facilitator.  These volunteers conduct practice interviews 
with participants (all of our participants are required to go through multiple mock interviews) and provide them with constructive feedback 
as well as help with their resume and cover letter.  

Youth Program: Additionally we have opportunities for volunteers to share their stories (especially if
 they had to overcome any sort of adversity) with participants in our youth program.  Even practical advice such as how to apply for college, 
how to open a checking account, how to borrow money wisely (etc.) is helpful for these participants.

Mission for volunteers: Our main mission at Goodwill is Workforce Development and the stores help to fund out overarching goal of helping individuals obtain gainful

Contact For More Information:

Tim Parker

Volunteer Coordinator/AmeriCorps Member

Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids Inc.

455 Grand Ave NE

Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Office 616.451.8800 Ext.1244