How are the results

All results are in CASH and in personal wealth resources.
All results are in webcashmatic mode by free dynamic generators.
All results are tax payed, at your name in your webcashaccount and provided with deductible certification.

In Economy 4G3W all the results of your action in Classic Economy are enlarged by your datevaluation free choice or your new option to create your own bank-financial power. For free and web based.

Because the money datevaluation is :

- by 10€uros parcels or by 10€uros multiples ;
- action is in cashkeeping mode, just you cashput or you cashcall, in free reverse cash-IN or cash-OUT ;
- action is a free option with webcashmotor's menu at the screen of your mobile iconed 4G3W ;
- a cash sharing production for cash sharing results ;
- source of webcashmatic plusvalues with your accounted timestock of your webliving-savings ;
- source of multiplied daily-cash-results at 12:00 New York local time by your Timestock_Owned-Market feed ;
- free wealth cash resource giving your day a motor-for-savings running 365/365.

Getting much-more-cash by link to U_S_A the Universocial_Sovereign_Anchor :

WIN 1 : At 12 o'clock New York local time, day after day you can get multiplied cash results ;

WIN 2 : Time charged for owned timestock generating webcashmatic plusvalues ;

WIN 3 : Going up resources on your personal motor-for-savings for raising property values .