Mining History

History of Mining around Darrington Washington

It all started in 1889 when gold was discovered deep in the Cascade Mountain Range at a place that will later be known as Monte Cristo.  Prospectors poured into the area and several mining claims were established around the Darrington area as well.  Millions of dollars poured into the area from wealthy investors and tunnels were drilled and blasted deep into the mountainsides looking for that big strike.  Miles of roads and mining trams were constructed to bring out the rich ore deposits from those remote jagged peaks.  Although such deposits of silver, gold, iron, copper etc. were found, that big gold strike was never discovered.  Prospectors began to pull up claims and head on to the Klodyke and investors withdrew their money.  Mining history still lingers in the valleys and mountains and small time prospectors still hold claims, the mining audits can still be seen from hiking trails such Snow Gulch and some of the trails we hike today like the Neiderprum Trail were routes to mining claims.

The Stories Of The Mines And Their Towns