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Fun Facts & Trivia
The first telephone system was installed in Darrington in 1907 by Farmer's Telephone Company. The first switchboard was located in the Freese's Boarding House  
A 1910 census stated that Darrington's population was 250 people and the town had 14 pianos.  
In 1916 Darrington printed their first newspaper called the "Wrangler" 
The first train arrived to Darrington in 1901. Shortly after the trains began to role into town one of these trains delivered the first sawmill equipment to the Allen Mill, later called the Darrington Lumber Company. Within 60 days after the trains arrival the mill was up and running! 
The first white person to die in Darrington was Fred Olds, dying in the year of 1900. The cause of death was tuberculosis. Fred came to Darrington in 1895 with his new bride and settled near what is now called Kirk Lake. Their son Oliver was born on their homestead. Oliver was the second white person to die in Darrington and passed away shortly after his father.  
“Electric power came to Darrington in 1926 when Troz and Barney Donaldson installed an electric line from Oso to Darrington, Cost at first was a whopping 14 cents per kilowatt hour. Many homes just had one light bulb – seldom used, but a symbol of progress and civilization” from; Darrington Mining Town/Timber Town by Elizabeth S. Poehlman. 
Darrington's first ice-cream parlor was supplied by 300 pounds of ice brought up weekly by the train. 
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