Origin Of Area Names

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SubjectOriginA little Bit More
Barlow Pass John Q. Barlow A Pass To Monte Cristo 
Big Creek It was bigger than... Big Creek 
Big Four Mountain (more than one) The big 4 
Black Creek Tributary of the South Fork Stillagumish River, named for dark colored water  
Black Mountain Named for the black colored rock Black Mountain 
Buckeye Creek Named by Charles Burns from Ohio, "the Buckeye State"  
Cadet Creek and Cadet Peak Named after survey party The U.S. Cadets 
Camp Lake and Camp Creek Named after an early camp Camp Creek 
Chocolate Creek and Chocolate Glacier Its source Chocolate Glacier Choclate Creek and Chocolate Glacier 
Conrad Creek Named after Jimmy Conrad Jimmy 
Cub Lake When you're not a big bear Cub Lake 
Curry Gap Named after a miner A great shortcut 
Dans Creek Named after Dan Smyre  
Delcampo Peak Named after Delcampo Mine, Monte Cristo. Elevation 5,780  
Devils Thumb Named by prospectors, resembling fist with raised thumb. Elevation 5,442 feet thumb  
Dicks Creek Named after Dick Smith Dicks Creek 
Eight Mile Creek Bornite Tramway The eighth mile 
Elliott Creek Named after prospector of Goat Lake  
Falls Creek Named for the several waterfalls Falls Creek 
Fire Creek Named after forest fire in 1916 Fire Creek 
Foggy Peak Fog and mist around peak  
French Creek, French Point and French Peak Named after homesteader that settled on French Creek.  
Goat Creek Large population of mountain goats  
Goat Lake Large Population of Mountain Goats  
Gold Hill The many mining claims Gold "Hill" Mountain 
Goodman Creek A.E. Goodman, homesteader on Sauk River below White Chuck River  
Helena Creek, Ridge and Peak Named after prospectors from Helena, Montana  
Horse Creek Accidental trapping of horses  E. Fork Buck Creek 
Illabot Mountain, Lake and Creek referring to "painted" Illabot 
Image Lake Referring to its mirror-like appearance and alpine setting  
Indian Pass An old travel route Indian Pass 
Indigo Lake Named for its deep blue color  
Johnson Mountain Named after prospector Mackinaw Johnson  
Lake Byrne Named after member in survey party  
Moose Creek Named after placer mine claims Moose Creek 
Mt. Higgins Named after homesteader Walter Higgins Mt. Higgins and Creek 
Neiderprum Trail #653 Built by Mat Neiderprum in the early 1900's to access his limestone claims  
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