Fall Colors

Everyone enjoys the vibrant display of colors in the fall!

  This is an excellent time to drive the Mountain Loop Highway to Darrington with a multitude of swirling leaves along the roadway and branches becoming bare opening up views of the mountains that can only be seen this time of year.

Coming to Darrington from the Mountain Loop Hwy,
 photo by Shari Brewer

The maple trees are a spectrum of colors from a golden yellow to brilliant crimson, alders have a soft glow of golden to bronze and the dogwoods begin to show their bright red berries. 

Vine Maple in fall,
 photo by Shari Brewer

Darrington is surrounded by several scenic rivers, the Sauk, Suiattle, Stillaguamish and White Chuck where maple trees grow in profusion.  Fall is also a time to see the many colorful mushrooms that begin to appear.

Fall maple trees on the Stillaguamish River,
 photo by Gary Paull

Stark bare branches reveal colors that go unnoticed when covered by leaves.  The willow is bright yellow and blueberry and salmon berry are in different shades of red.

Salmon Berries and Alder trees along the Stillaguamish River in fall,
photo by Kim Brown

As time grows nearer to Winter the sun rises lower on the horizon casting rays of light like a rainbow through the forest.  Morning sunrises and evening sunsets turn snow covered mountain peaks to shades of pink and blue.   

Sun rays through the forest,
photo by Shari Brewer

When the frost reaches the upper Stillaguanish Valley everything magically changes color like an artist brush carefully painting each single leaf.

                                                                                                       Ferns on boulder in fall, photo by Kim Brown

Treat yourself to one more outdoor adventure before Winter, a scenic drive on the Mountain Loop Highway, a lower elevation hike such as the White Chuck Bench or Boulder River Trails or a leisurely walk down the Whitehorse Rails To Trails to historic Fortson Mill Pond.  Then get ready for Darrington's Winter Wonderland.  

Fall reflections on the Fortson Mill Pond,
photo by Kim Brown