About Darrington

Darrington, Washington Is One Of A Kind!

The town of Darrington, Washington is nestled in Cascade Mountains of Northwest Washington State, is only about 500 feet above sea level, yet with Jumbo and Whitehorse Mountains looming over the town from the southern horizon it feels like you are deep in the Cascade Mountain Range.

The first to settle the valley here were the native American Sauk-Suiattle Indian tribe.  Miners began staking claims in 1889 and "Starve Out", later called Darrington grew into a boom town. The Train arrived in Darrington in 1901. Mining at this time was beginning peter out and the timber industry was starting up. Loggers from Sweden and the south eastern United States came to harvest the timber and settle the valley. They brought with them a rich heritage that is still very evident today including bluegrass music.  You can come to Darrington and enjoy bluegrass music at the annual Darrington Bluegrass Festival, mid-July.   Today the town is still home to a variety of small logging and lumber companies as well as Hampton Lumber's state of the art mill.

Back in 1946 Darrington started out to raise money to by a new firetruck and created an event called the Timberbowl. This was the beginning of our Timberbowl Rodeo which is still going strong today!   We have the only permanent world-class archery range in the United States which hosts big events every year.

Today the town is about 1,400 residents and 1,200 in the surrounding area. Folks are friendly, like to get together and are proud of their school. The town is surrounded by rivers and mountains, beyond that is the Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest  , Boulder RiverGlacier Peak  and Henry M. Jackson designated wilderness ares offering an abundance of outdoor adventures.  The surrounding peaks are well known by the mountaineers and many whitewater rafters and  kayakers come to brave the rapids of the rivers.  All can enjoy over 328 miles of  hiking and horse trails, scenic backroads, numerous picturesque picnic sites,  beautiful alpine and lakes, waterfalls and the lush greens and dense forest.

Still throughout the years as history has shaped the Darrington area in many ways the population remains steadfast to the things that brought them to this special valley.

So maybe you are just wondering just what kind of town is Darrington?