About this website

This website is a labor of love for Darrington, the communities of the Stillaguamish Valley and our very welcome visitors.  The work done on this site is completely done by volunteers  of

Darrington Strong, a nonprofit organization.

Sponsored by Darrington Strong, Inc

Why did we do this?

We believe that Darrington is a one of a kind very special community!  Though Darrington has faced some very difficult times in the past such as the massive 530 mudslide occurring back in March, 22, 2014, the community has always worked together and sees things through.  We have strong ties with our youth, our heritage and the back country which is so much a part of us.  We believe everyone needs to be connected with the rivers and mountains of the back country.  We invite our visitors to stay, enjoy a small town and become part of our extended community.  Explore the beautiful back country with respect and discover the hundreds of miles of hiking trails, waterfalls or maybe one of our special events.  We hope you will find everything you need to know while visiting a day, a week or a life time in our website!

Who we are:

We are the Darrington Strong, Inc., a dedicated volunteer group working to revitalize Darrington building a more prosperous and sustainable quality of life for our community.  Darrington is a small town with a big "Can Do" attitude!  We have set out to accomplish some lofty goals!  Some of the projects being worked on is restoring North Mountain Fire Lookout to be used as a vacation rental,  our volunteers with Friends For Public Use are working hard to keep our forest roads clean and cleared so people can come out and enjoy our beautiful great outdoors!  We have committees working to beautification to the town such as historical interpretive gardens, hanging flower pots on our street poles.  One of our big projects is covering cost and maintaining this website.

When Do We Meet?

We meets the third Wednesday of the month at the Cascade Senior Center, 1115 Darrington Street, at 7 pm.  One of the most positive things we bring to our community is local networking and sharing of ideas.  There really is a lot of wonder projects going on in our small community.  Come dream with us!

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