Welcome to Title I at Lamar Elementary School! Here you will find all of our Title I information and forms!  If you need assistance with Title I at LES, please contact Ms. Gee at 843-326-7588 or 843-326-7575.

What is Title I Schoolwide at Lamar Elementary School?

Title I?  The name given to the program was created by a law passed originally in 1965.  It was called the ESEA – Elementary and Secondary Education Act. This law provides federal money to help schools with a large percentage of students who live in lower-income homes.  It is the largest federal aid program for our nation’s schools.

Schoolwide? Schoolwide means the whole school participates, not just certain children.  The school must set goals and monitor progress for all students, but with emphasis given to those with the lowest achievement levels based on test data.

How Much?  $168,075 for the 2019-2020 school year.  A project must be written to plan how to implement changes and spend the funds given to the school for improvement.  The amount given to each school is based on the percentage of low-income families in our school.

How Does This Help? The requirements of a Title I Schoolwide Project drive the need for our school to think and plan for school improvement.  We try new programs, research new ideas and methods, and use a variety of teaching strategies.

Title I Committee Writing the 2019-2020 School Plan-  A committee is responsible for researching, writing, and monitoring not only the written project but the implementation of the plan.   The committee for this year's plan was Melinda Brown, Danielle Mendiola, Tara Amerson, Dee Driggers, Denese Miller, Scarlett Gee, Ginger Windham, Tracie Murray, Barbara Thomas, Kenyatta Peterson, Ede Howard, Tina Dinkins, Kenya Parnell, Wendy Stephens, Michele Mayo, Deborah Bridges, Tina McElveen, Denise Pinkerman, Katherine Barrett, Cameron Bridgeman, Emily Himes, Krystina Himes, Lisa Bedenbaugh, Trenesa Zimmon, and Dawn Katko.

How Title I Helps Us The Lamar Elementary community has the opportunity to be involved in the decision-making process, which in turn, helps our students receive the best quality education.  Title I also provides teacher support and extra materials that would not be available otherwise.

Specific Use of Funds  LES Title I funds the 1.0 Coordinating Teacher position, instructional supplies, .25 classroom teacher position, classroom technology, part-time math interventionist position, and parent involvement activities.

For a printed copy of the project, please send a written request to Scarlett Gee.

A copy is also located in the school office and media center for your convenience.