Physical Education



Physical Education is an integral part of the total education process. The focus of the program is to prepare and motivate all students to engage in activities, which promote health and physical well being. Physical Education is that phase of the general education program that contributes to the total growth and development of each child primarily through movement experiences.

The physical education program will help children become competent in a variety of motor skills and movements. Children will experience a broad variety of movement activities and develop an understanding of movement principles, which include body awareness, space awareness, and qualities of movement.

The physical education program increases attention on human wellness and healthful living. Physical Education and Health involves teaching concepts that help students develop an active lifestyle. The physical education program will provide children with an opportunity to participate in activities designed to develop and maintain personal health through physical activity and fitness. Students will develop an understanding of how to maintain wellness throughout life.

I hope that by participating in the physical education program, children will enjoy being active, learn important fitness concepts, develop good social skills, and maintain a positive self-concept.

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