Greetings Students, Parents/Guardians, and Community Members !
Ms. Jackqueline (Jackie) Lowery
7th Grade Science
Darlington Middle School
Apple Teacher
Google Level I Educator
Volleyball Coach

      My name is Ms. Jackqueline M. Lowery and I am an educator and member of "THE DREAM TEAM" at Darlington Middle School in Darlington, South Carolina! 
  I obtained my education from Darlington County School District (St. John's Elementary, Darlington Jr. High, Darlington Middle School, and Mayo High School for Math, Science, & Technology). In May of 2016, I received my Bachelor of Science in Biology from Francis Marion University (Florence, South Carolina) and my Teacher Certification in Middle School Science from the South Carolina Dept. of Education as a PACE participant in 2018. 
    My passion for teaching and learning extends far beyond the classroom. I am advocate for technology as an instructional tool, a Volleyball Coach, a Basketball Team Mom, a mentor, and a friend. 
    My philosophy on teaching is to "show my students I care about them before I expect them to care about what I'm teaching." What this means to me is that no matter how much I love science and how passionate I am about the content, this does not mean my students will be engaged or even care! However, once I take an interest in the students and their lives, only then will they take an interest in me and what I have to offer. 
    As a first year teacher, I used to be all about my business. I wanted to dive straight into the material without stopping to get to know my students and what interested them. I soon realized I needed to backtrack, take the time to understand my students and what they were capable of, and finally meet them where they were. My students are brilliant inside and out and although teaching has its challenges, I'm in this for the long run!