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    I'm not trying to completely bash cops. I know they're helpful sometimes. It's what they do that stops me from getting murdered on my way to school... I just feel like sometimes if they're so "short on resources" maybe you don't need 3 of them to issue a parking ticket or scold somebody for jay-walking!

     One time, freshmen year I was with 2 roommates walking around campus at 2AM making it an interesting night by challenging each other to walk across railings overlooking the Mason Pond!  As we made our way around campus, we passed the Fine Arts building which was completely unlit.  We assumed it was empty but as we got closer, we heard talking from one particular area of darkness.  We eventually noticed that a pick-up truck was parked by the entrance... not on asphalt but the actual cement entrance where people walked.. under the pillars.  What was more... the car's lights were off, and there were at least 3 people standing around it IN THE DARK.  How sketch ball is that?  My mind begins spitting out scenarios on how they're definitely pulling some type of heist!

    These mysterious robbers were talking in a different language, and as we approached them, all we could really see were the dark orange coals from 2 of their cigarettes.  I hesitantly said "hello..." and they said nothing.  Me and my friends had no idea what to make of this really weird situation, so we went on our way off to more lighted areas where the sketchy foreign cigarette people couldn't rob us too.  As we make it closer towards the center of campus, TWO cop cars dramatically dry over the curb right by us (complete with flashing lights!)  We froze our movement, and by the time the first cop had gotten out of his vehicle, a THIRD car had pulled up behind the first too.  The officer immediately requested forms of identification from each of the three of us.  We looked at each other like we had been framed for the murder of a park bench and sheepishly took out our yellow and green mason IDs.

    I pulled together some shreds of courage and asked what was going on.  "We received a call of three kids walking around and wanted to make sure there was no misconduct going on."  I proceeded to tell him about the sketchy people at the building we had just passed standing in the dark, a little offended that the three college students were the ones that were being questioned for being ON CAMPUS at night.  The officer proceeded to explain that: "This is a public campus and, they have just as much a right to be there as we did."  Furthermore  they were PAINTERS who had gotten locked out of the building and were waiting for somebody with the keys.  (Riight, cuz everyone just needs that 2am paint job on the sliding doors' frame.)  My friends started shooting me glances that obviously wanted me to shut my mouth before we got cuffed on our way back to our humble bunk bed dorms... so I listened and thanked the officers for making us feel like OJ Simpson next to the prided George Mason statue, and we went on our marry way.  And you know what?  I'm still a little annoyed at those freaking painter guys, I extended my salutations to them, and not only did they not respond (assuming they knew English) but they managed to called a squad of cops on our law abiding a$$es.  Thanks a lot.. remind me to smudge the walls next time I make my way to the Fine Arts area!

written 12/13/08

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