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FancyTheme is a WordPress theme by Alex Gurghis.

It's pretty sexy and cool, but it only officially supports WooCommerece 1.6.6 and has troubles with the current version, 2.0.10 has some troubles.
  • Variable Products
I sell clothes online. They come in 3 sizes. I sell them as a variable product. FancyTheme however does not support variable products. Whereas the add to cart button is supposed to show once the variables are selected, with WC 2.X it does not.

This fix address that.

Here is a screenshot showing the add to cart button 
on a product page after the variables have been selected

I am selling this fix as a Child Theme for $5USD

I, like you, spent $55USD bucks on the original theme only to have troubles. I have paid a 3rd party developer to fix the problem of adding variable products to cart.

It cost me about $100USD to get this little fix made. Maybe you think that's too much, maybe you don't, but the developer had no where to start from and no documentation about the theme other than what we were all provided. Regardless, I needed this problem fix and I was able to get it fixed.

What is this fix:

Notice there are two folders in my Themes folder; 
one for the original theme, one for the child
  1. This fix is a child theme
  3. It will not work w/out the original theme installed

To Purchase
  1. Pay $5 via paypal
  2. I will email you a zip to the account you paid with. If you want it emailed to a different account, include in the comment field the email you would like it sent to.
To Install
  1. Install like any other theme (WordPress Theme Install Documentation)
Here is the theme installed and activated. Notice the original theme is required and also installed.

This is offered non-supported. It will not be updated. It will not be supported. There is no guarantee it works. No refunds will be accepted. This is a simple fix I had made, and now I'm offering to you. If you don't like the terms, then I suggest you don't buy.

You may contact me via email if necessary. Support issues etc will be ignored. Notice the section on support above. So in effect, only contact me if you purchased via paypal and it's been more than 24 hours and you still haven't received the fix.