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Searching for Images 
The Internet makes searching for images very easy but not all images have been added to sites with the rights for people to use. Part of being a good digital citizen is knowing how to find images you are allowed to use and how to provide the proper citation for the images. Below is an instructional video that I created to help students learn how to change their search settings when using Google. The video is also available under the Online Resources tab as well as the Tokeneke Library Google Site for Students

Advanced Search Settings for Images.webm

New Books have been added to the OverDrive Library Collection

Don't forget to check out Tokeneke's OverDrive collection to borrow eBooks and audiobooks. The new ebooks purchased will be sure to keep readers entertained. If you need information about using this new collection contact Ms. Choiniere, Tokeneke School's librarian. Information about logging in is available in this guide. Click here if you need information about the app.

Here is an interesting article regarding the benefits of listening to audiobooks. The author, Daniel Willingham, is a  Professor of Psychology at the University of Virginia. He has written numerous articles about education. In the past his research has included studying the brain with a focus on learning and memory.