Tokeneke Library

“The only thing you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library.”

-Albert Einstein

2nd graders Complete Research Projects and Make Graphic Novels with Pixton

2nd graders completed a research project during library classes. In connection to learning about library locations and types of books, students selected a nonfiction book of interest. Then they learned how to take notes and record citation information for the resource. Using the tablets and Chromebooks, students learned how to take pictures and upload to PixtonEDU, a graphic novel creation program. Students created their own avatars. They used the avatars, the notes and the photos to tell you what they learned.

Click the links below to view the projects on the class Padlet. Use the link for directions for how students can access PixtonEDU from home.

Changing Plans

During the unexpected power outage, we took a break from coding. Students enjoyed the story Red and Lulu by Matt Tavares. Many students had visited Rockefeller Center and connected to the references in the story. We had time to make our own Reds.

Coding All Year Long

After the launch of Tokeneke's first Hour of Code event in December 2015, students now see December as the START of our yearlong work related to coding and computer science at Tokeneke School. Kindergarten was introduced to coding by programming Botley through the maze they created. Each student either built the maze or had a command card. They worked as a team to create the code for Botley. You can see the excitement when the code was a success. They will transition to using CodeMonkey for programming instruction during the month of December. The rest of the school will begin computer science work with the review and re-introduction to the CodeMonkey program which has block coding, script coding and a creative aspect for advanced coders to create games and challenges for their classmates. Our access to CodeMonkey is due to the generous support of our Board of Education. On the Coding page you will find directions for how you can access CodeMonkey from home as well as information about Botley the Coding Robot (many students asked about where they could get one).


Where Do You Practice Your Coding Skills?

Students can share where they practice their computer coding skills as they enter the library.

Our Beautiful Library

The students and I are so excited to be back in the library. I like to think that the library is full of treasure. The definition of treasure depends on the person. The treasure could be books or new technologies or an oasis for learning. What will the 2022-2023 school year bring? What memories will we make? I know that students will read new books that allow them to use their imaginations. They'll ask questions and dig for answers. Let's set out to take some risks this year. We will learn to "try again" and celebrate each person's success. At Tokeneke, we are a community of wonderers, learners and readers.

Book Selection begins September 23rd

Can you feel the excitement in the air? That's because book selection has begun at Tokeneke Library. If you aren't sure which day a class has time to shop for books, please go to the Book Selection Schedule page.

If a student has books from last year please send those in when you find them. If items cannot be found or are ruined please send in a CASH payment for the book(s) so I may purchase new copies of the books for the collection. If you pay for a book and then find it, I can give you the cash refund.

If you have any questions you can contact Ms. Choiniere at

203-655-9666 ext. 4189

K Library Bag

1st-3rd Library Bag

Library Bags

To celebrate book selection, students in grades K - 2 receive a library bag. Students receive one bag a year. Student in grades 3 - 5 have the option of taking a bag.

Epic! Read

Are you looking for some new books to read? Go to the library's account for Epic! Read. Follow these directions:

  • Go to

  • Log in with the class code iip7025

  • Select your name and start reading.

  • If your name isn't listed, read as a guest.

  • You can search for your name in the Search for Student box.

**This access is only available during typical school hours M - F from 6 AM - 4:30 PM. If you are interested in accessing Epic! Read during after hours please click this link for more information.

Don't forget to check out Tokeneke's collection of eBooks and audiobooks that you can access through OverDrive's Sora app. The new ebooks purchased will be sure to keep readers entertained. If you need information about using this collection contact Ms. Choiniere, Tokeneke School's librarian. Information about logging in is available in the guide below.

Here is an interesting article regarding the benefits of listening to audiobooks. The author, Daniel Willingham, is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Virginia. He has written numerous articles about education. In the past his research has included studying the brain with a focus on learning and memory.

How to access Sora for 2nd graders.pdf

2nd Graders are Back to School

This year in 2nd grade, we are beginning library classes with a focus on a growth mindset. We read the story, The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires and then completed an activity known as a glyph to share some information and find out what we have in common.

What can you learn about Tokeneke 2nd graders?

  • How many students have 1 sibling?

  • How many students have 2 siblings?

  • How many students have more than one type of pet?

  • Where are our 2nd graders' favorite places?

  • What do you have in common with our 2nd graders?

  • What else did you learn about our 2nd graders?

Reading Bingo

If you are looking for ideas to encourage reading, try this fun Bingo card from Capstone Publishers.

Link to downloadable pdf version of the Bingo Page

Digital Citizenship

As part of the library program of study, students participate in lessons that connect the Tokeneke Kid's Code to digital citizenship. The activities and lesson plans were developed by the organization, Common Sense. "Common Sense is the nation's leading nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of kids and families by providing the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in the 21st century." The goal of these lessons is to help students be Kind and Accepting, Honest and Responsible, Safe and Peaceful, Respectful to All, while working in a digital environment. You might find the information on the Common Sense site help. The link below will take you to the Parent Concerns page. From there you can access all that Common Sense has to offer.

"Our Mission." Common Sense, Common Sense Media, Accessed 27 Sept. 2017.

Searching for Images

The Internet makes searching for images very easy but not all images have been added to sites with the rights for people to use. Part of being a good digital citizen is knowing how to find images you are allowed to use and how to provide the proper citation for the images. Below is an instructional video that I created to help students learn how to change their search settings when using Google. The video is also available under the Online Resources tab as well as the Tokeneke Library Google Site for Students