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  • March 23rd - 27th Monday March 23 HW:Due Today: Study Materials 1. Reading on Dalits 2. Quiz Wednesday In class we reviewed the different castes and looked at application based questions that required more decoding and application. Here is a link to an online version of the various castes that may help with studying. Here is the opening video.  This video also relates to the HW.  Tuesday    Mar 24 Quiz Tomorrow. In class we looked at why some Dalits are converting to Christianity and the impact that is having on the people of India.  Wednesday Mar 25 Quiz today. HW: Complete the reading on Gandhi.  Make sure you answer all of the questions.  You should be able to explain how Pakistan and India ...
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  • March 16 - 20 Monday March  16 India Map Due tomorrow!!! Also, read and take notes from your textbook, pages 474-475.  Take Cornell notes.  Tuesday    Mar  17 HW:  Notes page 474-475 Due tomorrow --Book Pages 474-475 In class, we read about the different castes. --Caste Reading  (TOC 3) --TOC List  Wednesday Mar  18 Begin creating study materials from vocabulary and notes - Study material due Monday We will finish reading about castes (TOC 3) and answer questions.  You may check your TOC 4 Notes here. Class journal questions: 1.  What is social mobility?  Can you name one person from the US who has benefited from social mobility? 2.  How is social mobility and reincarnation connected in Hinduism?  Can one move between castes ...
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  • March 9 - 13, 2015 MondayMarch 9No HWWe reviewed Apartheid and compared it to the practices of segregation with the US.  We also read an article about Selma in class. Tuesday   Mar 10No HW  (Bring colored pens to class tomorrow.)In class we looked at healthcare issues and questioned who should help the people the most for those countries in need.  This pulls in the colonial legacy through country language and economic ties, which have not eroded.   WednesdayMar 11HW Map of India - Due Tuesday.Here is a link to a useful online map. Thursday    Mar 12HW: India Map FridayMar 13HW: India Map - Due Tuesday
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