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Completed Research

2006 - Coordinating Rural Responses to HIV/AIDS: Tanzania's Decentralised Approach
This study examines the practice of village-level HIV/AIDS committees in Tanzania. It was conducted by Daraja's founder, Ben Taylor, both for Daraja and as his dissertation for his Masters degree in International Development.
The study is available in two formats. The more concise version is a working paper that was published by HakiElimu, an Education and Rights organisation in Tanzania. The more detailed version is the full dissertation.
2007 - Daraja Situation Analysis
This desk review builds on the findings of the study above by broadening the focus to include different sectors and different levels of government.
2008 - Demand-Side Accountability Review
This study by Gemma McKenna of Manchester University, UK, brought together the experiences of organisations using a similar approach to Daraja. The achievements and weaknesses of a variety of project approaches, including public expenditure tracking, community score-cards, and community radio, were analysed. A summary version of the final report has been published as a HakiElimu working paper.