Knox ESC & Danville Local LPDC

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News and Update

  • Meetings held the first Thursday of Each Month
    • Excluding: Dec, July or August
  • Next Meeting: June 7th
    • Location: 300 East Gambier Street
    • Time: 9:00 am
  • Ready to Renew?
    • Licensure Application is now online through ODE's SAFE site.
    • NOTE: KnoxESC/Danville Local LPDC ID#
      • 013447 (This is needed for the online application)
    • Renew your BCI/FBI Background check through Knox ESC.
  • Contacting the LPDC
    • This link will create a new mail message to the LPDC.
  • Current LPDC Members
    • Brian Ackert (Danville)
    • Karol Arnette (KCESC)
    • Mindi Haley (Danville)
    • Janet Marsano (Danville)
    • Jason Scragg (KCESC)
    • Jason Snively (Danville)

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