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2011-12-15: Finding Blogs

We have another half hour or so of the video, so we'll finish up.  It's very important to have your homework done by tomorrow, because we'll be discussing each of our outlines together.

What's a blog, and how is that different from a personal website or portfolio?

I found this today: http://edublogawards.com/announcing-the-2011-winners-congrats-to-all/ - awards for best educational blogs. I'm not that impressed with the judging because many of the students (and the teacher) were from one class...but it's a start. 

This one (by a girl who has been blogging a long time!) was very full of images:


Have you ever seen anything like this before?  If you were going to make a personal blog like this, how would it be different?  What would you write about?  And who would read it?

Here is a post by Miriam's teacher about how to compose blog comments (some is about HTML - the coding to make comments formatted differently)


Personally, I think it's important to have clear formatting so I know where each post ends and the next begins.  For example, this blog won an award also but I don't want to deal with it: http://gemmaccs11.edublogs.org/

This all looks very "chaotic" to me with all the color changes and all the white space around it. The format of a blog plays a big part in my deciding whether to read it or not. 

It would be interesting if you each found a blog you liked reading.  You can find blogs by topic using http://technorati.com which is the "Google of Blogs" - or, rather, an index to the hottest topics in social media.