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At the bottom of this Home Page, please find a blog post entitled, "Librarian's Latest." It is a page for me to post current thinking, current research and current ideas about the power of the library media center. The more I read, the more I have to share with all stakeholders in our school. Literacy, in all of its 21st Century forms, has so much power.

Greetings from Your School Librarian:

 Welcome to APRIL!

April is National Poetry Month. The library is full of poetry books and displays. Ted Sheu, the fabulous children's poet, will be spending April 25 with us at Danville, working his magic. Please stop by the library to enjoy the poetry reading and making! Here is a great online source for the poet in all of us: http://www.poetry.org/

ListenUp VT is in heavy use by many students and teachers, too. It is so satisfying to work and teach among such a community of readers. Ms. Cassety requested the link be placed front and center on the Homepage for really easy access, so here it is:

LIBRARIAN'S Tip-of-the-Month:
Are you feeling bombarded with too much news, and unsure of what to believe? Headlines that grab your attention because they make you feel fear, marked hope, extreme curiosity or anger are probably hawking some kind of fake news. Look for news that is fact-based, unbiased and written clearly. Check to see that what you are looking at is from a reliable source and not taken out of context. It may sound boring, but quality journalism is the truth--no bells and whistles, no gimmicks to grab you by your emotions. Use this list to help your further sniff out the fake stuff:

Happy Reading,
Mrs. Eckhardt

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