School Board 2020-2021

 Bruce Melendy  (Chair)
David Towle  (Vice-Chair)
  Tim Sanborn 
Clayton Cargill 
Robert Edgar (Clerk)


  (Updated March 2020)


Bruce Melendy  (Chair)  

Bruce Melendy has lived in Danville since 1991. He served in the United States Marine Corps for four
years and then was a Vermont State Trooper, retiring in 2010 after a 28 year career. Bruce is currently
employed as the Emergency Management Coordinator for Northeastern Vermont Development
Association. He also broadcasts high school and college sporting events such as baseball, basketball,
football, soccer, and softball games throughout Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and New York for
Northeast Sports Network. Bruce has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Services from Springfield

Bruce and his wife Donna have been actively involved in the Danville Community for many years. Bruce
previously served on the Danville School Board from 1999-2004. All three of their children graduated
from Danville High School. They have seven grandchildren. Five of them reside in Danville and either
attend or will be attending Danville School.

Bruce enjoys spending time with his family to include camping at Sugar Ridge campground, going for
rides in his convertible, or playing golf during the summer and in the winter going snowmobiling.

David Towle  (Vice-Chair)   
Dave Towle grew up in Danville and attended Danville School for all 12 years. He is a member of the Class of 1984 and has 4 children that graduated from Danville (Kayla - 2006, Kaity - 2009, Andy & Ben - 2012). His wife, Shelley has worked in the Food Services Dept for 17 years.  He has served as the Scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 888 since 2005 and enjoys camping, fishing, Christmas lights, scary movies and spending time with his family.

Tim Sanborn   
Tim Sanborn has been a part of the Danville community for the past 12 years.  He worked for many years as a teacher at Lyndon Institute before finding employment as a middle school science educator in Barre.   He enjoys kayaking, travel, camping and appreciating and creating art.

Clayton Cargill   2019-
Clayton Cargill has lived in North Danville for 16 years, with his wife Lili.  They have two children, Nolan and Graham who attend Danville School.  He enjoys the small town community, doing volunteer work, and gardening. 

Robert Edgar (Clerk)   2017- 

My flat-lander credentials are impeccable:  my birth in a sanitarium in New York City during WWII (The hospitals were full.); my first sighting of a cow in the Bronx Zoo a few years later; my Brooklyn-born father being a competitive business executive in the City and region throughout his working life; and my mother sprung as a miller's daughter from the breadbasket of the Confederacy (who later taught English, because she fell in love with the English poets).  

Since 1998 Danville has been my home with my wife Stacy, a science teacher at Danville High School for the last 8 years – a place distant from the increasingly madding crowd, where personal and professional lives might find a better pace and balance.  Later we were joined by our two kids: Thomas (now grade 10) and Patrick (grade 8), both lofted by birth into this village in the hills and into its school, with me tagging along occasionally coaching baseball and soccer.

I was graduated from a New Jersey high school, then extended my education at the University of Virginia (A.B.) and then again at Rutgers University (M.S., Ph.D.).  I am a professional biologist specializing in a group of photosynthetic microorganisms called diatoms.  As a Professor of Biology at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth (1968-2002), my teaching focused on population and evolutionary biology, and as an Associate of the Harvard University Herbaria for 45 years (1975-2020), I pursued my interests in diatoms, which I continue.

This is my 5th year as School Board Director, each year serving as Clerk.  My understanding of my job as a director is to work with the Board to purse the School's mission of preparing personally and civically competent graduates.

In my spare time I compete with weather, insects, fungi and bacteria to keep my 1840s home and barns standing. 

Student Representatives

Selection will be made by September 2020.