School Board
Special Meeting
Monday, June 18
 Danville School 
       6:00 p.m. 

Special Meeting 6/18 ... posting by 6/23
Regular Meeting 6/5

Acting Secretary of Education
Proposed Statewide Plan for School District Governance ... June 1, 2018 

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Regular Meeting  5 June 2018          

1.  Cole Beliveau (Senior) and Eve Codling (Sophmore) have been selected as the new student representatives on the Danville School Board replacing Riley Fenoff and Matt Hauserman.

2. The Acting Secretary of Education's Proposed Statewide Plan for School District Governance ... (June 1, 2018)  has recommended the merger of the governing boards of the Danville and Cabot Schools districts.

4.  The Board approved the hiring of Emma Taylor as a second grade teacher and Adriana Watrobski as a shared (Danville/Peacham) middle school counselor.

5.  The Chair will coordinate the development of access procedures to the building pending the installation of keyless entry systems this summer to enhance building security.

6.  The School calendar for 2018-2019 was approved by the Board and is available on the Danville School website.

7.  The Superintendent indicated the Administrative Team will issue by the end of this school year an action plan for pursing the CCSU-wide 90% reading and math goals and at its summer retreat would address longer-term plans.

8.  Approval of the Student Handbook, especially review to the dress code, will be considered by the Board at its July Retreat meeting. [This review was conducted during a Special Meeting of the Board on 6/18.]

9.  The Board is considering an enrollment cap of 45 students, which the Principal recommended, for the Freshman class for School Year 2018-2019. 

10.  There were continuing discussions of an exploration of a firefighter/paramedic program, the development of the Mission and Vision Fund, and locating safer pathways to the Town athletic fields.

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