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Nov 1-Nov 5

Your next assignment is to participate in the following contest:

As a Student of the 21st Century, What Should Your Education Look Like?
The Vermont Superintendents Association (VSA) is interested in better understanding the future of education. 
To do this, the VSA has created a Video Contest for Vermont students.

First Prize: GoPro HD Helmet Hero plus $200 in merchandise from the GoPro Store (or $500 cash equivalent)

Second Prize: Manfrotto 190CXPRO3 Tripod (or $250 cash equivalent)

Third Prize: Amazon Gift Certificate ($150)

Use your camera skills and storytelling ability to create a short video (5 minutes suggested, not to exceed 10 minutes) describing a 21st Century Vermont education. Consider the following questions:

How should your education be organized? What learning activities should students be involved in? How should technology be used to support your learning?

Videos should address the questions above and should be school appropriate in terms of content. We are looking for videos that provide an emotional, compelling, and engaging vision of a quality Vermont education. Videos will be judged by a panel of experts based on these criteria.

Your first step is to brainstorm ideas for your video. Use the guiding questions: 

How should your education be organized? 
What learning activities should students be involved in? 
How should technology be used to support your learning?

When considering these questions, think about how you are going to demonstrate your thoughts and ideas through video. Will you show video of your ideal classroom environment? Will you show students using different kinds of technology in classes? Will you interview students and/or teachers? Think about how the use of technology has changed since you started school until now? Where do you see the use of technology in school going?

For Wednesday: Decide if you're going to work with a partner and BRAINSTORM ideas. Send your brainstorm to me in an email and indicate if you are going to work with someone or alone. 


For Thursday: Work on a storyboard. Use this template. You will need to print it out. You will likely need more tan one copy. Consider what you are going to film, the order in which your shots will appear, the text or dialogue that will go with each shot. This is just a rough sketch of the plan for your video. You don't have to stick to it, but it will give you something to work from. Make a list of people, places, and things you intend to include in your video. If you plan to interview people, plan your interview questions. The storyboard will be most easily done on paper. Have it ready to show me on Monday. Send me an email on Thursday with you list and interview questions.

For Friday: If you're ready, you can start filming. You can check a camera out of the library. Be sure to download your video before returning the camera. If you're still in the planning process, that's okay, but I expect to see a solid plan, including the storyboard, by Monday.