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Holocaust Unit

Holocaust Survivors


Danville Jr.-Sr. High School Library

Search terms: Holocaust, Jewish holocaust, Jews, World War II

Dewey Numbers: 940.53, 943.086 (Nazis), Biographies, 364.15, 959.6

Mount Pleasant Public Library

Search terms: Holocaust, World War II, Jews

Click on Catalog. Be sure you look at non-fiction titles.

Dewey numbers: 940.53 in youth and adult collections; also biographies in both collections.

Burlington Public Library

Click on CatalogLimit by: Youth Non-fiction. Then do your search.

Search terms: Holocaust, World War II, Jews

Dewey numbers: 940.53 in youth and adult collections; also biographies in both collections.

Great Prairie AEA’s Online Catalog: SNAP!

User Name:             Password:             Check with your teacher for user name and password.

You may want to use the Advanced Search where you can put in multiple terms and the type(s) of materials you want. They have videos, DVDs, and trade books. They also have Learn 360 and digital videos which you can get from your computer. (See below.)

Some search terms: Holocaust, concentration camp, Nazi Germany, World War 1939-1945, Holocaust survivors, Jewish children in the Holocaust, Adolf Hitler, genocide

Iowa AEA Online (Edited Resources) 

Iowa AEA Online

User Name:       Password:                   Check with your teacher for user name and password.

• AP Images

   Search terms: genocide, holocaust, concentration camps, etc.                                                                         (Note: Be sure to click on Historical Photos under Editorial images for photos back in time.) 

• Britannica Online

   Search terms: Holocaust or World War II. Also click on Related Articles. Look at the right for links to magazines and websites. 

• Gale 

   Go to InfoTrac Newsstand or InfoTrac Junior for articles on the holocaust.

• Learn 360 – video clips

• SIRS - click on Genocide in the Leading Issues scroll bar.


Basic Internet Searching Tips

Using different search engines will give you different results.

            • SweetSearch          • Infotopia                          • Podcast Alley -- searches podcasts

            • Dogpile                  • Quintura Kids              • RefSeek 

            • Yahoo                    • Ask.Com                  • SearchEdu.com            

            • Google – Use advanced search                    

Use quotation marks for search terms of more than one word and Boolean operator AND

            For example: Holocaust AND “concentration camps”

            Example: Holocaust AND children

Key words for the 2013-2014 project would be such things as "Holocaust survivor stories," "Holocaust survivor interviews," "Holocaust survivor testimonies," "Holocaust survivor accounts." To bring up more reliable sites: Do the above with AND site:edu or AND site:gov since the extensions .edu (higher education) and .gov (government) are generally reliable unless it is a personal page. (You can tell if it has a % sign or a ~ in the URL.) An education site from a foreign country will have .ac. Use multiple search engines, such as Yahoo, Google, and some of the above. You will get different results!

Be prepared with synonyms (increase results) and adjectives (to limit your search).

Some Holocaust Links to Get You Started

Timetoast (Create timelines online)

Finding Primary Sources Online

Holocaust Survivors

Yad Vashem: World Center for Holocaust Research...

Online Exhibitions: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (Click on appropriate links, such as Voices from the Lodz Ghetto where you can scroll down to the video and then to Conversations with Survivors.)

• The History Place Holocaust Timeline

• 42explore Holocaust Links – Some images are graphic.

• The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum – Some images are graphic.

• Remember.org - Some images are graphic.

• Websites for Holocaust Education

• The Cybrary of the Holocaust – documents and pictures about the Holocaust

• The Holocaust History Project

The Holocaust Children

Holocaust Survivors

Hidden Children and the Holocaust

The Holocaust: Children During the Holocaust

Children of the Holocaust: Biographies

• A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust – contains links for general sources, victims, perpetrators, rescuers, resisters, liberators, survivors, camps, arts, and more as well as a list of books you may be able to borrow from a local library

• Middle School.Net: Social Studies – World War II and the Holocaust

• Middle School: Historical References – a list of books for middle school students that may be available at a public library or through interlibrary loan on the Holocaust

Encyclopedia Britannica Web Links on the Holocaust

The Holocaust: A Tragic Legacy

Holocaust History: Animated Maps

Holocaust Personal Histories

Links to Holocaust Topics

Webquests and Other Links

• Anne Frank and Children of the Holocaust (Webquest)

• Holocaust Children Webquest

• Life in the Shadows: Hidden Children and the Holocaust

• Voices of the Holocaust – interviews of survivors

A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust -- Children (includes various web links)

• 1942 Wannsee Protocol – outlines Germany’s plan for extermination of the Jews

• The Holocaust: A Tragic Legacy – an award-winning site by high schoolers

• Holocaust/Shoah – an Encyclopedia Britannica award winner

• The History Place: The Rise of Adolf Hitler

Children's Holocaust Memorial

The Forgotten Camps

First Person: Conversations with Holocaust Survivors (Podcasts)

Holocaust Remembrance Project: Forget You Not

Some Genocide Sites to Get You Started

• Best of History Websites - In search box type your search term, such as Holocaust or genocide, and visit appropriate links. 

• PBS has some news articles and videos on topics related to the Holocaust and genocide.

• Confronting Genocide - Scroll down for links to videos on various topics.