Unit 1-Background. Success Plan. Who are you?

     SEE:         Concept
STOP BY:  Resources Galore Employability & Life Skills (Hire Me First) 
 STOP BY:  Resources Galore Job Shadow
 WORKPLACE READINESS:  Reference Materials   ]

 STOP BY:  Resources Galore Interview Questions
 STOP BY:  Resources Galore All Aspects of the Industry 
  POWER POINT--Learning styles info HERE
 LEARNING STYLES  Learning Styles questions
   Learning Styles explained
 40 ASSETS 40 Assets (Age 3-5)
  40 Assets (Age 5-9)
  40 Assets  (Age 10-12)
          40 Assets  (Age 12-18)
 40 Developmental Assets assessment
  POWER POINT:  8 Success Strategies
  Goal Setting Activity
   Goals (short-medium-long term)
 ASSERTIVE?  Assertive-Aggressive-Passive Activity
                             You tube video
                          Passive/Aggressive Personality Disorder

  Personal Support Team---NETWORK
  Strengths/Areas to Improve l