Introduction to Business-              Mrs. Lois J. Roth, Instructor


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Chapter 1 there is a spending game; work through it; see how you ‘do’.

Chapter 2  The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides data on a variety of economic activities. Access the website shown above. Select one of the following topics: inflation, unemployment, or productivity. Obtain recent information for this economic statistic. Prepare a brief written summary, and describe how this information might affect consumers or businesses in your community.

Chapter 3            The U.S. Department of Commerce and other federal government agencies provide extensive help to companies involved in exporting. Access the website shown above. Review the various information sources available to exporters. Select one of the information links on this website. Describe how this information could be of value to companies that are starting or expanding their exporting activities.

Chapter 4          With hundreds of agencies, the U.S. federal government has created a website to assist citizens. Access the website shown above. This website offers information about everything from Amtrak to zoos. Select a topic area of interest to you. Obtain information on the topic and prepare a written summary of how this information might be used by consumers or business.