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"Not for school, but for life 
we learn!

When working on the 50th wedding anniversary video 
for my parents, I worked with many photos. 

There was one photo of when my dad (Alvin Schiffer) was a teen
--meaning the photo was taken about 1925. 

I turned the photo over, this phrase listed above was printed there. 
 I have kept this phrase close by ever since.
                                                                                                      SEEK to be inspired each day.
                                                                                                        Lois J. Roth, CTE Business Instructor


What are YOU willing to contribute to your family, 
your classroom, your friends each and every day?

 Honesty  Dependability
 Fairness  Courage
 Obedience    Helpfulness
 Compassion Self Control
 Respect for others  Truthfulness

Business and technology courses at Danville High School are meant to enable students to build a strong foundation of support so that upcoming decisions--changing of mind--life’s uncertainties are met with confidence and ease.

A business partner once shared:  People need to pursue their passion.  But then they need Career & Technology--Business skills in order to organize and manage that passion.

Focus on a strong foundation of skill areas so that regardless of how many times you change your mind about a career field…. the safety net of solid business skills will be there to catch you!

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