Welcome to Our Website!

What is a Student Council?

A Student Council is a group of hard working and dedicated students who represent and act as the voice of the student body. We plan and promote Christian activities among students. We consult and listen to the student body and act as a liaison between the student population and the staff. We are a student government, working together with the staff and the school community to ensure that school is fun and safe for everyone.

It's Time for YOU to Speak Up!

The key message here is to GET INVOLVED! As we are a go between for the students and staff, we want you, the students and teachers, to speak up and give us any feedback on any of the past events we have done, suggestions for new possible events, and support for any initiatives we are trying to promote. Although we cannot guarantee that all your voices will be heard, it will not hurt to try! We wouldn't be much of a Council if we didn't listen to our students!

What do we do?

As a Student Council, we plan many of the events for our school. Welcome Back BBQ, Semi Formal, Spirit Weeks, Casual Days and an End of the Year Event are some of the many events that Student Council plans for their peers. Students depend on us to make the school year enjoyable and exciting. The members of Student Council are the leaders of the school and students look up to us, therefore, we are always setting a good example for our students.