To Do List

These are important dates for students looking to apply to university.

1.Research your many options by using eINFO and the universities websites. Make a list of the programs you're interested in, including the OUAC program code.

2. Obtain your confidential PIN Access Letter from your school in November or December.

3. Apply online by January 11, 2012, at

4. February 7 , 2012: Recommended last dare fir students to submit all informational to the OUAC, including university and program changes as well as additional active choices, to be eligible for consideration for early admission.

5. May 9, 2012: The latest date by which you can expect a response from and Ontario university.

6. June 1, 2012: The Earliest date by which Ontario universities may require you to respond to and offer of admission. Respond to offers of admission online at