To Mrs. Falzoi's Fourth Grade Class!

4th grade is an exciting year! We will be busy using the New York State Common Core Modules in ELA and Math to do in depth learning this year. In ELA, module 1 is reading and writing about Native Americans. Module 2A is all about Colonial America. Module 3 is learning about simple machines by reading scientific text. Close reading is a strategy used in all modules. That means that we read a text over and over again to gain a better understanding. Increasing vocabulary through context clues is always important too! We use Lucy Calkins' Units of Study to develop our narrative, opinion and information writing. 

Module 1 in math is all about place value, addition, and subtraction. Then we cover Module 3 that starts off with area & perimeter and moves on to multiplication & division. Then it's on to Module 5 (fractions) and Module 4 (geometry). We then go move on to Module 6 (decimals). As always we will also practice multi-digit addition & subtraction and word problems.

In science, we will learn about plants, nutrition, electricity, energy, forces and much more!

As the year goes on, ask us what the words "infer" and "decompose" mean. We will have had plenty of practice with these skills to be able to tell you!

** Be sure to check out "My Links" on the left hand side for many great resources to practice the skills we are learning in school!!

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