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Adia, Scientist of Areon, researches the most volatile substance in the galaxy. Ryonne~, King of Ye~ and Most High Diplomat to the         Emperor, is sent on the most difficult missions in seven galaxies as intergalactic war looms closer to their star system. Adia's love for        Ryonne~ will save him, and possibly end the War, if she can just learn to control the balky Cube of White Light.                                           

Zhea~ Year 7818-19

  •  Part Of A Huge Series
  •  Therapeutic Science Fiction: Healthy Examples Illustrate Healthy Communication and Coping Skills
  •  Women's Fiction But Appealing To Men, Too
  • ' Social Issues: Poverty, Abuse, Mental Health, Disability
  •  Good Morals, Real Heroes and Heroines  
  • Topics: Diplomatic Science Fiction. Medical Science Fiction. Brain Injury. Christian Science Fiction. Literary Science Fiction. 

Library of Congress Control Number: 2009934549

CLICK HERE Hardcover ISBN –978-0-557-10437-6  422 pp.Including Index and Appendix. Available from Lulu. 

CLICK HERE Trade Paperback ISBN – 9781448661015  818pp. Including Index and Appendix.

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