What Dannevirke High School has to offer you ...

All students who come to Dannevirke High School will be given the opportunity to excel in many programmes and activities provided by the school and to develop into well-rounded, productive people.  

Academic Excellence

Dannevirke High School strives to continually improve our excellent results for NCEA Levels 1, 2, and 3.  Success reflects from a combination of great teaching, strong leadership and hard work from everybody associated with the School, including the Board of Trustees, School staff and leaders, students, families and Whᾱnau.  It also reflects the dedication and focus of the School on all students.

Dannevirke High School Comparison with other schools in the area (as a %)
NCEA Success Results

     Level 1   Participation    
    Level 2   Participation 
    Level 3
 Dannevirke High School    96.7 93.3 85.7
 Central Hawkes Bay, Waipukurau 71.8 80.2 74.6
 Awatapu College, Palmerston North 88.4 97.4 89.6
 Palmerston North Boys High School 78.4 83.1 71.5
 Palmerston North Girls High School 94.9 98.888.7 

Welcoming School Community

Dannevirke High School was founded in 1903 and has a proud 
history of academic, sporting and cultural achievement. Located 
in Dannevirke, it draws students from the town of Dannevirke and 
other settlements nearby which service the large surrounding 
rural area. We are a co-educational secondary school for Year 9 to 
Year 13 with pathways to higher education.

Rural Experience

We usually have up to ten International Students, from a variety of countries, attending the School at any one time. 

The district includes dairy, sheep and beef, deer farming as well as small block forestry, and also incorporates many areas of natural beauty that students can enjoy for recreation and outdoor activities as part of their time in the Tararua District.

These activities include:
  • Local rivers and streams for fishing and swimming, native bush for walking, and the Ruahine Ranges used for tramping and climbing activities. 
  • We also offer the opportunity for students to be involved in team or individual sports at community and School venues, and cultural activities based at the School or a local Marae.
  • An hour from Dannevirke sandy beaches (on the east or west coast), caves, waterfalls  and the two main cities of Napier and Palmerston North.