What are students saying about Rogers Park Middle School?

What is one great learning memory you have at Rogers Park Middle School?

"In Social Studies, we were learning about mummies. We played a game where you had to get all of the insides out of the mummies. It was kind of cool. I learned about the bandages and the salt they had to use to help the decaying of the body."- 7th grade student.  "In Ms. Goncalves’ class, we used plickers cards. It was cool because my teacher could scan my paper to see my answer. She scanned twelve of us at the same time! After, when you got the right answer, she showed you how to do the work step by step."- 7th grade student

What teacher has made a positive impact on you?

"Ms. Rowe, my health teacher. She tells us we can talk to her if we have a problem, and she gives us advice and she’s really nice." -7th Grade Student

"Mr. DePalma!  He is always in a good mood when we go to art class." -7th grade Portuguese Bilingual Student

What motivates you to work hard at RPMS?
 "The way the teachers care for us. We feel that they really want us to learn and make sure that we understand everything. They treat us with respect." -8th Grade Portuguese Bilingual Student "My grades. If I keep my grades up, I know that I can go to a really good college and get a really good job. I want to go to Florida or WestConn. I think I want to study to be a lawyer. -7th grade ESL Student