Early Childhood Center

17 Cottage Street, Danbury CT 06810

Our Staff:
Debbie Pietras-Nolan: Early Childhood/Special Education Preschool/Elementary Department Chair
Fran Tyluki: Early Childhood Specialists
Andrea Toland: Social Worker
Holly Summerhays: Nurse
Christine Murray: Speech/Language Pathologist
Michele Mullins and  Marty LoGiurato: Physical Therapist
Janice Zygmunt and Yolanda Vasquez: Occupational Therapist
Casey Gawlak and  Ryan Loring: Adaptive Physical Education Teacher
Rosemarie Bouclier: Administrative Assistant
Rita Fitch and MaryEllen Mangone: SLP Preschool Assessment Team

Preschool Special Education Teachers:
Nonna Neal (ECC at Cottage Street)
Janet Tomanio (ECC at Cottage Street)
 Jessica Wade (ECC at Cottage Street)
Jeannie Katz (ECC at Cottage Street)
Lisa Glasser (Hayestown Avenue School)
April Bendlin (Hayestown Avenue School)
Sarah Rasmussen (Hayestown Avenue School)
Dorothy Bartow (Great Plain School)